Tim took his final flight on the evening of March 22, 2017 – passed away in his sleep surrounded by friends in La Jolla, California. Please share your memories with us here on this page. There’s also a facebook page we can add you to.

Please consider making a donation gift here in Tim’s name: http://www.angelflightwest.org/donate/tim-braly-memorial/

Please note: If you are a Brocade Employee your donations will be matched.

Tim Braly was a frequent-flying, extremely dedicated member of Angel Flight West. Since he joined in 2012, he flew 131 flights and more than 1,000 hours to help people get the medical treatment they needed, consistently ranking among the most frequent contributors in Oregon and the other places he flew. He was known throughout the organization and by his passengers as selfless, kind, and generous. His family and friends have established this memorial page to pay tribute to his many contributions to Angel Flight West and its passengers.

From John: 

Tim’s plane, Ruby, bore the month/year of his birth and his initials: 9/72 TB

God Speed Tango Bravo

From Maria: 

May he always be remembered for his kind heart and the tremendous work he did with the Angel Flight organization… I wonder just how many flights of hope he actually flew.

Here’s an article he wrote in 2005 about his first 100 missions (pages 3-4). May we never forget that bright smile or the smiles he provided to those who needed It most.


“I often get asked why I choose to fly for AFW and donate my time and cost of flying to those in need. Selfishly, I’ll say it’s because I like to fly, so why not? But, that’s just us pilots being modest about the underlying sacrifices we accept in making a difference. It truthfully comes down to two things. First, I can’t think of a better way to donate to a cause that I can see 100% of my efforts going to make a difference in someone’s life. And second and most important, I lost my sister to breast cancer and lived first-hand the devastation and toll it takes on one’s life and the family around them. Flying for AFW has let me share in several cancer patients’ recovery efforts by reducing the stress and burden of their health care–and to that, I’m truly grateful.” Tim Braly 2015

Here’s a picture of Tim in his Army uniform (with last name Hoefling) from Feb 5, 1992 in the jungles of Panama – he was 19 years old. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Sherman-Colon-Panama/107139545992055

From Iben: 

I could go on and on about the amount Tim has helped me out. Such a smart, caring, ethical person. The background image in this picture is from a briefing we attended where he wowed us with some new network automation solution he cooked up over the weekend. He interviewed me for the consulting gig I have with the Navy and has been a great mentor and inspiration to me and many others. Many people have dreams but Tim was able to execute on his dreams.

From Jon: Tim is and was a great man, a true friend, a kind heart, a giving soul & always generous with our most precious resource, time.

He lived an adventurous & wonderful life, and hopefully knew how many of us accepted & adored him just for being Tim.

Keep Flying my Friend, the World was a better place with you in it.

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