Microsoft IoT in Action Event #IoTinActionMS vision artificial intelligence kit demo

I was able to spend some time at the Internet of Things Event Microsoft sponsored at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There were a few cool demos on display.

Vision AI dev kit

In the video above you can see a demo of the “Vision AI Developer Kit” available for purchase from Arrow for $249 (with free overnight shipping). This kit is manufactured by eInfochips And designed in partnership with Qualcomm using their Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine. It’s not just the hardware that makes up this dev kit. Using azure cloud services developers can create containers with programming code and push that down to devices at the edge to enable real time vision tasks. For example, detecting vehicle that pass through an intersection and counting cars, trucks, bicycles, etc. The images are processed locally on the edge devices and only the meta data need be sent back. These new devices represent the newer advanced “light weight edge” with devices that use less power and less network bandwidth yet offer enhanced functionality and easier code updates. When updates are desired the code in the container is updated and pushed out through the cloud.

Plant monitoring platform

The Naviz Analytics ThingBlu IoT Platform is being used to help plant growers optimize the yield of their crops. For $65 a month subscription you get a set of sensors with solar power and battery backup that constantly collect data such as temperature, humidity, soil pH, leaf canopy wetness, wind and other factors. All this data is guided by Artificial Intelligence this all back to the cloud for analysis, alerts, and recommendations.

Applications include vineyards and cannabis growers. See more in this video:

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