World Time for Wall Clocks and MacBook Apple OS X

La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock

If you work with people from other parts of the world on a regular basis it’s a good idea to know what time or day it is over there. As such I’ve been trying out wall clocks to make it simple to just look up and see – are they waking up? Sleeping? At lunch or dinner? It’s been super helpful. And when I’m traveling in London the family here in California can look up at the wall and get an idea of what I’m up to as well.

The challenge has been to find a reliable easy to use clock that truly simplifies my life instead of making it more complicated. I hate having to change batteries all the time and try to use rechargeable NiMH if possible. I’ve tried all sorts. Even considered building one from a Raspberry Pi or Arduino with those vacuum tubes. We tried the go to the store and purchase the atomic clock that automatically adjusts via radio signal. These have had two issues: (1) only adjustable for USA time zones and (2) poor battery life.

I took a chance and ordered a few from Amazon that said they overcame these two issues. The one I’m using now has been working great for months and nicely solves the issues I found with other wall clocks. You can see what it looks like in the picture above. It has the option of using either 2 or 4 “c” size batteries so plan ahead and fill it up. There are a few other helpful features I really like…
– Custom Time Zone selection to adjust to ANY World Time zones. This is significant because it will continue to receive and adjust to the radio time synchronization signal.
– Dual Antennas for higher signal reception
– Battery saving feature pauses the Second Hand between the hours of 11:00pm until 5:00am. Hour and Minute hands still move.
La Crosse Technology 404-1235UA-SS 14 Inch UltrAtomic Analog Stainless Steel Wall Clock

Now that I’ve been using the wall clock so much I wanted to have the same functions available on my MacBook laptop I carry everywhere with me. So I started googling and searching on twitter and asking my friends. I tried all sorts of suggestions and nothing really worked well. One worked great for a few weeks then after a system update it started sucking CPU and draining the battery. So I went without for a while and just used my phone whenever I was curious as to the time elsewhere. Today – while disabling siri in the system preferences control panel I searched for “World” and found that Apple has thoughtfully integrated a world time clock into their Operating System and it is available via the Notification Panel that show up on the top right hamburger bullet menu. Here are a few screenshots of how it works…

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