Companies Participating in Open Communities – OpenStack OPNFV ODL ONOS OCP

Here is an analysis on which companies are actively involved in these Open Source projects.

These private invitation only communities are not Open Source:

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Google Doc Spreadsheet with Open Source Community Membership Data:

Screenshot 2015-03-12 14.20.14

Reference Information and Links to sources of this data:

Payment Fees * for Community Sponsor Membership:

OpenStack Platinum $500,000
OpenStack Gold $200,000
OpenStack Corporate $25,000
OPNFV Platinum $200,000
OPNFV Silver $30,000
ODL Platinum $500,000
ODL Gold $250,000
ODL Silver $20,000
ONOS $500,000
ONF Member $30,000
CFF Platinum $500,000

* NOTE: Fees are approximate as companies pay on a sliding scale based on size.