JDSU Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite

JDSU Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite

JDSU Medusa Labs Test Tool (MLTT) Suite 6.0 is the industry’s leading application-based data and signal integrity testing solution for companies developing servers, switches, Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), Ethernet Network Adapters (NICs and CNAs), and other storage equipment for next-generation converged storage networks.

Test functions Covered:

  • data integrity
  • performance benchmarking
  • stress test
  • data corruption errors
  • undesirable device and system data pattern sensitivities
  • input/output (I/O) timeouts
  • I/O losses
  • system lockup scenarios

Test Tools Diagram


The Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite performs data integrity testing, generated signal quality stressing data patterns, and enterprise application simulation. The suite consists of these tools:

  • I/O Tools Pain, Maim, and Sock
    • Pain is a synchronous I/O tool designed to issue a single pending I/O per worker thread.
    • Maim is an asynchronous I/O tool that uses a single worker thread to issue multiple I/Os at once.
    • Sock is a TCP and UDP traffic generator. Each thread opens its own socket connections.
  • Catapult Test Tools Automation
    • Target discovery tool that acts as a shell for the I/O tools.
    • Passes these targets to the other Medusa Labs Test Tools for I/O testing.
    • Launch tests on remote systems and verify test results.
    • Test scripting and automation.
  • FindLBA is for use when debugging data corruption issues in tests on file systems or logical devices. It is useful in cases where the logical block address (LBA) reported in the I/O tool error logs is not accurate because the tools are not directly referencing areas of the physical media. You can use FindLBA in conjunction with a protocol analyzer to identify the actual LBA corresponding to a file offset reported by Medusa Labs Test Tools. The FindLBA tool sends a periodic “poll” of consecutive reads to a specified offset, which you can identify in a protocol trace. FindLBA is most useful when you need help finding I/O command that resulted in data corruption in a protocol trace capture.
  • GetKey is used for remote license checkouts. A system with network access to a license server can perform a license checkout for another system that does not have network access. This utility is particularly useful for temporarily using Medusa Labs Test Tools at an offsite location.


PDF DataSheet: http://www.jdsu.com/ProductLiterature/mltt6-ds-snt-tm-ae.pdf

A 30 day trial is available. Here are some notes on the steps to follow:

  1. Download and install the software: ftp://medusawindows:1PG6h36v@ftp.jdsu.com/
  2. From a fresh CMD prompt run PAIN.EXE – it will generate a DAT file that you have to send to get a license key back.


MEDUSA_MLM_ADMIN_CFG=C:\Program Fies\Medusa Labs\Test Tools\config\MedusaTools.cfg
MEDUSA_MLTT_INSTALL_DIR=C:\Program Files\Medusa Labs\Test Tools\
C:\Windows\system32>"\Program Files\Medusa Labs\Test Tools\bin\pain.exe"
Medusa Labs Test Tools
Copyright (c) 1997-2007, 2008-2013, JDS Uniphase Corp. All rights reserved.
PAIN 3.3.3 (win-x64) Medusa Labs Synchronous I/O Test Tool
Support: TechSupport-Medusa@jdsu.com
Built on: Thu Dec 12 18:15:53 UTC 2013
Workstation name set to: GARAGESSD
Initializing license management library...
Loaded: Medusa L.E.O. module for Medusa License Management client library
LM Server: medusalabs.com
LM Port: 5033
License library initialized
Checking for existing license...
This system does not have a valid license
Attempting to checkout a license over the network for 90 days
If the license server is down or not reachable, this may take a while...
License error: Unknown socket error
Creating the license checkout request file 'C:\Program Files\Medusa Labs\Test Tools\config\GSSD.dat'...
Created the license checkout request file 'C:\Program Files\Medusa Labs\Test Tools\config\GSSD.dat'
This file may be used for proxy license checkout
STOP: Thu Jun 26 16:10:37 2014 - exit code 18 (licensing operation failure)

I’ve sent in my DAT file and am waiting to hear back from tech support with the license file now. 6/26/2014 16:35